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Client Instructions

If you have a Unisys Support Portal user-id, use the "Log-in with Unisys Support Portal Credentials" button below.  If you do not have a user-id and you need access to entitled information, you may register through the Unisys Support Portal.

For the Unisys Support Portal, your user-id is your e-mail address. If you forgot your Unisys Support Portal password, request a new password.

If you are unable to access the new support portal, you can call the appropriate Unisys Call Reception Center (CRC) for your region of the world to submit your incident.

Unisys Associate Instructions

Log-in with your Unisys Windows Domain Credentials.

You can log-in with your Windows Domain credentials.

Log-in with a Tracker User-id

Your user-id is up to 12 characters in length.  If you forgot your Tracker password, click here for help.

Paper copies are not controlled and may be out of date; reference the Product Support Web site for current data.