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On Saturday January 19th at 10:00 a.m. central time (16:00 GMT) some features of the product support site will be down due to maintenance of our backend Dorado server. This includes access to Primus data like UCFs, PLEs and Contacts. The outage is estimated to be 30 minutes.

If you are an HIS user and are experiencing an emergency during this time, please call the Unisys Helpdesk at the appropriate phone number listed below. Ask them to open a P2 (Priority 2) ticket for Company HIS, and assign it to the HIS Application Support work team. It is important to specifically request the HIS Application Support work team to route your emergency most efficiently.

The following are the toll-free / local-free options which are now available for HIS clients:

  • 866-690-5590 (US / Canada)
  • 383 23094 (Denmark)
  • 850 163267 (Sweden)
  • 15 7323083 (France)
  • 020 2008138 (The Netherlands)
  • 080 08914633 (Brazil)
  • 001 8004411251 (Thailand)
  • 28 2239813 (Australia)
  • 203 0240562 (UK / GB)
  • 22 006177 (Belgium)
  • 17 9576297 (Austria)
  • 06951709780 (Germany)
  • 099127008 (New Zealand)
  • 0008004402126 (India)
  • 1800818050 (Malaysia)

Client Instructions

If you have a Support Services e-Service Portal user-id, use the "Log-in via Support Services Portal" button below.  If you do not have a user-id and you need access to entitled information, you may register through the Support Services e-Service PortalDo not bookmark the Support Services e-Service Portal log-in page.

Portal Log-in

For the Support Services e-Service Portal, your user-id is generally your e-mail address.  If you forgot your Support Services e-Service Portal password, click here for help.

Service Incidents can be created in the Support Services e-Service Portal web site.

Unisys Employee Instructions

Registration is no longer required.  Click the "Log-in via the Support Services Portal" above and enter your e-mail address (generally and Windows Domain password (usually your PC password).  You can also enter your Tracker user-id and password below.

Log-in with a Tracker User-id

Your user-id is up to 12 characters in length.  If you forgot your Tracker password, click here for help.

Paper copies are not controlled and may be out of date; reference the Product Support Web site for current data.